Diamond Plate Weight

Diamond Plate Thickness Comparison

Diamond plate weight depends on the thickness of the material.

The weight of a 4’ x 8’ sheet of diamond plate will vary depending on the material type and thickness of sheet being considered.  

Below is a guide for the most common thicknesses of 4’ x 8’ aluminum diamond plate sheets and the corresponding weights:

A graph showing diamondplate weight to thickness

Diamond Plate Thickness and Protection

Here at Online Diamond Plate, we get a lot of inquiries asking us if we have thicker Diamond Plate sheets available for sale.   The short answer is “yes”, but the diamond plate weight becomes very heavy and more expensive as it increases in thickness.  Most of the time, using thicker sheets is overkill.

We almost always try to sell our customers to our .025″ Diamond Plate Sheets.

Most people purchasing our products are using them on the walls or over an already sturdy surface such as drywall.  In these cases, the .025″ product is a great choice.

If you are looking to beautify and strengthen an area that is already structurally sound, then you should only need our .025″ thick diamond plate.


Adding thickness where it’s needed with Diamond Plate Corner Guards

We recommend increasing the diamond plate thickness around corners and areas that are prone to abuse.  Our .045 Corner Guards are a great compliment to our .025″ diamond plate.

In addition to being light, our .025″ Diamond Plate is strong, even at .025″ Thick.  This means that you can have areas that are resistant to damage while reducing the overall diamond plate weight.


Diamond plate is available in many types and thicknesses.

Because of the increased diamond plate weight of the larger sheets, we only ship them in wholesale quantities.

Aluminum is one of the toughest and lightest material on earth.  Check out this article from the Aluminum Association to learn why aluminum is so strong yet so light.  It might help to encourage you to think twice before deciding what thickness diamond plate you need to use for your project.