Wholesale Diamond Plate

Need it thicker?  Wholesale Diamond Plate available up to 1/8″ thick!

Our wholesale diamond plate products area is intended to provide a quick and easy way for diamond plate contractors, manufacturers, and installers to purchase bulk quantities of diamond plate sheets and accessories.

This section also contains a few additional diamond plate products only available in bulk quantities.  Products ONLY available  in our “Wholesale” section include our 8 foot lengths of diamond plate moldings and diamond plate corner guards along with thicker .045” and .0125”, 4’ x 8’ sheets of aluminum diamond plate.

All wholesale products include FREE Ground shipping within the continental United States and require purchase of at least 20 pieces.  Please note that Wholesale orders typically take 1-2 weeks to ship, but can take up to 4 weeks depending on inventory and schedule at time of order.  All wholesale aluminum tread sheet products will be shipped flat on pallets and customers may require a dock and forklift with extended forks for receipt.