Mounting boiler equipment on aluminum diamond plate sheets in mechanical rooms

Mounting boiler equipment on diamond plate wall panels in mechanical rooms is made easy working with Online Diamond Plate.

Embossed aluminum diamond plate sheets are a favorite material of plumbers and mechanical contractors for mechanical rooms because this material is easy to install, provides a low-maintenance corrosion resistant solution, and gives their boiler room installation a bright, clean, and finished look. 

Online Diamond Plate is a leading supplier of diamond plate sheets to plumbers and HVAC contractors and ships daily to contractors around the United States.  Online Diamond Plate is family owned and operated and we ship our material from Golden, CO.

Online Diamond Plate also provides all of the diamond plate moldings, cutting tools, and accessories to provide the best diamond plate for your boiler room project.

 We are USA owned and operated and we ship our material from Golden, CO.

With free shipping over $400, it is a no-brainer. HVAC pros can offer an easy upgrade to their customers and make a lasting impression on the jobsite.  

Online Diamond Plate products are installed in commercial, industrial and residential boiler rooms around the USA.

pre mounting boiler room to diamond plate board
pre mounting boiler room components on a diamond plate board can make installations much easier.

Example of  boiler equipment installation on diamond plate in mechanical rooms.

All Hours Energy ( located in East Rockaway, New York commonly uses diamond plate sheets on their projects.

For new installations, they adhere a 4′ x 8′ piece of embossed aluminum diamond plate to a 4′ x 8′ piece of Oriented Strand Board (OSB). Next, they lay out and mount the boiler, valves, and all necessary accessories.

As a contractor often doing work in tight urban settings, they do most of the mounting and layout work in their shop.

Finally, the boiler and necessary equipment are mounted to the diamond plate covered board.  Afterwards, the board is loaded into their van and taken to the job site.  This saves them time and allows the the entire panel including equipment to be installed  on the wall at the job site in a matter on minutes.

This is another great use of Diamond plate in action and we think it is a brilliant way to add some bling to your HVAC boiler installation.

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