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Online Diamond Plate, established in 2013, had its humble beginnings in a modest suburban garage in Golden, Colorado. What started as a side venture rapidly expanded beyond its initial confines, flourishing into a reputable business.

Despite our significant growth, we remain a family-owned enterprise, deeply rooted in Golden, Colorado, and committed to the core values that have shaped our journey. Our personalized, family-style service ensures that each customer receives the attention and care they deserve.

Our primary focus lies in providing high-quality aluminum diamond plate sheets and related accessories, which are frequently utilized in interior walls and trailers. Our diverse clientele includes fitness centers, large retailers, restaurants, trailer manufacturers, camper repair services, and military organizations, among others.

At Online Diamond Plate, we take pride in catering to the varied needs of our customers with excellence, integrity, and the warmth of our family-oriented approach.

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At Online Diamond Plate we focus on “Doing What’s Right” and providing superior service.

Online Diamond Plate now has among the largest selection of diamond plate sheets and accessories available for purchase online to help you get the job done!  Whether you need a single custom diamond plate part made for your Garage, or a truckload of diamond plate sheets to cover the walls in your warehouse…   We’ve supplied diamond plate projects large and small!

Best Selling Products

At Online Diamond Plate we stock  aluminum diamond tread plate sheets in thicknesses ranging from .025″ embossed to .125″.   In addition to the standard aluminum polished chrome (silver) finish, we also inventory black,  gray diamond plate, and red diamond plate sheets to give your project the look you desire!  Need diamond plate sheets CUT-TO-SIZE for your project?  We can get this done too, simply select the diamond plate sheet and color and check the “Custom Cut” box and we’ll provide the exact cuts you need.

Online Diamond Plate is your diamond plate partner!

Please let us know how we can help with your diamond plate project!!

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