What is the purpose of diamond plate?

What is the purpose of diamond plate?

Diamond plate commonly known as “tread plate” has a wide variety of purposes from wall panels to truck boxes.  Tread plate is most commonly made from aluminum, but can also be made from steel, or stainless steel.  Diamond plate material has a unique raised “diamond shaped” knob pattern which helps to provide an anti-slip surface.  Aluminum diamond plate sheets are available in a bright chrome mirror finish, but are also available in various colors by anodizing, powder coating, or painting.  Aluminum and stainless steel diamond plate sheets work well for purposes in high-corrosion environments, and steel diamond plate work well for projects for which strength and low cost are paramount.  One of the best purposes for diamond plate is diamond plate wall panels, but this material is also used to build everything from truck boxes to airport jetways.  With so many purposes diamond plate is favorite building material of many, and the purpose of diamond plate is only limited by the imagination.

Diamond Plate installed on a gym wall

Aluminum Diamond Plate from Online Diamond Plate installed to protect the walls of the Valor Christian High School football weight room in Highlands Ranch, Colorado, USA.

Top 4 Purposes for Diamond Plate:  

  1.  Wall Panels – Topping the list for best application is for use as diamond plate wall panels.  Aluminum diamond plate sheets are used for wall applications due to its durability, corrosion resistance, and moderate price.  Diamond plate wall panels are commonly installed on the walls of retail stores, cafeterias, data centers, garages, gyms, warehouses, and walk-in refrigerators  to name a few.

    Diamond Plate installed in a hallway and finished with mdf trim

    Diamond Plate wall panels from onlinediamondplate.com installed in an office hallway.

  2. Trailer Stone Guards – Look around while driving and you’re bound to see a trailer or camper with a piece of aluminum diamond plate protecting its front.  There is a good reason aluminum diamond plate works so well as stone guards to protect trailers. The corrosion resistant and lightweight properties of aluminum diamond plate make it a great fit for rock guards.  Diamond plate stone guards are easy to work with, light, and do a great job protecting the exterior of trailers from the rocks, salt, and chemicals you can pick up while on the road.

    Diamond plate stone guard

    Diamond Plate Rock Guard installed on the front of an enclosed toy hauler trailer.

  3.  Corner GuardsDiamond plate corner guards protect interior corners of your building, from the bumps and bruises of operations.  Corner guards are an easy way to immediately improve the look of banged up corners in your warehouse, and help protect corners from additional damage. 

    Online Diamond Plate Corner Guards installed to protect drywall corners in shop.

  4.  HVAC Mounting Board – Plumbers and HVAC contractors commonly mount 4’ x 8’ sheets of aluminum diamond plate to a 4’ x 8’ piece of OSB or plywood using adhesive or screws. The diamond plated mounting board provides a great corrosion resistant surface to install the boiler, plumbing valves, and other equipment necessary for the project.  Contractors are able to efficiently install the necessary equipment to the board at their shop, and quickly make up the final plumbing connections in the field. 

    pre mounting boiler room to diamond plate board

    All Hours Energy in East Rockaway, NY pre-mounting boiler room components onto a diamond plate mounting board can make installations much easier.

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