Aluminum H-Seam Splice Molding

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Aluminum H-Seam Splice Molding

$9.64$26.58 ea

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Diamond Plate Aluminum H-Seam Splice Molding

About our extruded aluminum diamond plate H-seam molding

Diamond Plate H seam molding dimensions and sizes

Our easy install aluminum diamond plate H-seam splice molding provide a clean finished look to your diamond plate wall panel project. This extruded aluminum H-seam molding is used to join diamond plate wall panels for a seamless aesthetic.  H-seam molding features soft edges for the safest installation possible.  This anodized diamond plate seam molding is made from 100% aluminum providing lasting strength and shine to your diamond plate project.

H-seam moldings are most often used to join two aluminum diamond plate wall panels together.

Use the aluminum H-seam molding to join two aluminum diamond plate sheets.   Use diamond plate seam moldings where diamond plate wall panels butt together to achieve a clean and easy installation with a pro-look. We recommend purchasing H-seam splice moldings in 2′, 4′, or 6′ lengths to keep the shipping and handling costs low.   These moldings are available in lengths up to 8′ (additional shipping costs may apply for lengths over 6′)

animation of installation of h-seam molding from online diamond plate

Sizes, Colors, and Lengths of Aluminum Seam molding

8′ lengths require additional shipping and handling.  Please call us for more details @ (303)500-7209.

Diamond Plate Aluminum H-Seam Splice Molding material detail

Online Diamond Plate’s aluminum H-Seam splice moldings available at are available in 3 colors (POLISHED, GLOSS BLACK, and DARK METALLIC GRAY) to match Online Diamond Plate’s full aluminum diamond plate sheets in 2′, 4′, 6′ and 8′ lengths. The molding works with aluminum diamond plate wall panels up to .063″ (1/16″) thick.

H seam moldings installed on diamond plate sheets

How to install Aluminum H Seam molding .

It’s best to plan your diamond plate project installation ahead of time.  We recommend using small finish nails or adhesive to install diamond plate aluminum H-seam splice molding for diamond plate wall panels.  For instance, install the first diamond plate sheet, then slide your H- seam molding on to the sheet.  If needed you can use a small finish type nail to tack the flange of the H-seam molding to the wall.  After the H-seam molding is secured simply slide the next diamond plate sheet into the molding. Each job will have different requirements that should be considered when planning how to install the diamond plate H-Seam Molding.

Diamond Plate Seam Molding Video

Real-World Installation Examples

Online Diamond Plate H-Seam Moldings help provide a clean seam when joining two diamond plate wall panels.  H-seam butt-splice moldings have been designed to work with aluminum diamond plate sheets up to .063″ (1/16″) thick.  Diamond Plate H-seam moldings are made from 6463 alloy aluminum and  anodized black, dark metallic gray or polished for a extra strong finish to match Online Diamond Plate wall panels. We offer samples for customers that want to see the quality and finish of our moldings before purchasing.

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Weight 2.5 lbs
Dimensions 48 × 1 × 1 in

2', 4', 6', 8'


Polished, Gloss Black, Dark Gray