1″ Double Sided Tape for diamond plate installation

$19.68 ea

1″ Double Sided Tape for diamond plate installation

$19.68 ea

1′ Double Sided tape for diamond plate installation. This is the best tape for embossed diamond plate installation.   This double sided sticky tape can be used to tape our .025″ embossed aluminum diamond plate to walls of various types and textures.



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1″ Double Sided Tape for diamond plate installation.

Our double sided tape makes for fast and easy installation of aluminum diamond plate.

At Online Diamond Plate, we have tested many different types of tape in search of the best tape for diamond plate installation.  Therefore, we have concluded that this is the the best tape for installation of Embossed aluminum diamond plate.

This tape works on variety of lightly textured surfaces including drywall with heavy knock down texture.

From our trials, we have found that the  tape installs very easily by peeling the backing off and applying to the diamond plate and then peeling off the other side of the tape and pressing the diamond plate to the wall.

Additionally, The thickness of the tape is perfect for using against textured walls.  The tape keeps the diamond plate snug against the wall without leaving a large gap behind it.

This tape is non-removable. As a result, removal of the diamond plate after adhered by this tape will likely result in damage to wall texture. Use this tapefor a permanent  installation only.

How to install.

To begin with, adhere this tape in a 1 foot grid on the back of  the diamond plate panel.  Subsequently, peel the tape adhesive backing off.  After that, stick the diamond plate to to the wall.  We recommend that you do not peel and stick the diamond plate to the wall or backing surface without checking the fit of the diamond plate.

We love how well this tape works to install our diamond plate panels.  Using this tape delivers the fastest and easiest installation when it comes to installing diamond plate in residential, low-traffic applications.   Importantly, for heavy duty and commercial installation we recommend using the tape in combination with our fasteners.  We have fasteners available on this our diamond plate fastener page.


Double sided diamond plate tape details:

  • Length: 54′
  • Width: 1″
  • Thickness: .125″

Additional information

Weight .2 lbs
Dimensions 12 × 12 × 1 in